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A gathering of Nande people


Kyaghanda is a Nande term that means “a space for meetings, an assembly point, or simply a space for gathering”. It is a space for intercommunity dialogues and tolerance, where people of the same common bond can gather together to discuss matters, address differences, exchange views, or report any issues affecting their lives in order to find a solution and assist each other.


Looking back at the atrocities that face Nande people since 1996, on the advent of the Congo liberation wars; the North Kivu, especially the territories of Beni, Lubero,   Goma, Rutshuru, Masisi, and Walikale, has become the heart of the conflicts, which bring about killings and massacres of people on daily basis.


Having experienced those atrocities back home; many of us, who escaped and found refuge and asylum in UK, have faced other difficulties, which need assistance and support.


Having considered our needs, we have come together, in the Kyaghanda, to support each other, the newly coming from conflict zones, and those who survived the atrocities but are still in the region.



Executive members of Kyaghanda UK


Education for young people

Kyaghanda UK’s work is primarily with people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities who, in general, come from affected areas in Africa and, in particular, from Democratic Republic of Congo.


Its projects revolve around:

  • education/training, employment;

  • interpreting, advice on welfare rights, housing, health care, immigration; 

  • workshops, seminars, recreation;

  • cultural enrichment activities, and member's celebrations.


To sustain the services of the association, members regularly contribute out of their own pockets.

The association plans to extend support and membership to all immigrants and refugees of war-ton African countries (including the Great Lakes region, Central and East Africa) who are resident in the UK.

In order to be able to act in an official capacity when dealing with statutory services, the association has planned to become a registered charity organisation,  which would be known as Kyaghanda UK Charity (KUC). 


Learn the Kinande in English

Thanks to our members’ financial support, we have:


  • Organised seminars and after school classes for young people. This raised the awareness of young people of the many opportunities that are available to them and the way they can access them.

  • helped immigrants from DR Congo with advice, interpretations and translations.


  • assisted members of the Congolese community who don’t have access to legal aid.


  • run projects to support people who have been victims of rape from conflict zones (Great lakes region of Africa) and have escaped to live in London. 


  • organised a short term counselling to victims of rape, with the help of professionals who have african culture background, in order to help them integrate in the UK society.



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