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Kyaghanda UK is an association which means a gathering of all Nande people living in the United Kingdom. Nande is one of the ethnic groups in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), especially in the territories of Beni and Lubero.

The association is, indeed, a gathering of people who originate from those territories and live in the UK.

It was originally created as a cultural association of Nande people, with the aims of:

  • assisting members who newly arrive in the UK,

  • promoting unity and solidarity amongst members,

  • providing assistance to those in need,

  • promoting yira culture in the UK, and

  • making UK authorities aware of the socio-economic conflicts in the North Kivu.

As a charitable organisation, Kyaghanda UK caters for all immigrants and refugees who come form conflict zones in Africa and are residents in the UK.

The organisation also supports the delivery of projects abroad, in particular in the countries of origin of its members and clients.

Its mission is to create solidarity whereby no one is left facing hardship, and wealth is for everyone.


For governance purpose, Kyagahnda UK is governed by an adopted constitution, and managed by an executive committee, which is supported by an advisory board and elected in the general assembly.

Members of the Kyaghanda UK
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